Industries Application

TSM develops and creates sensors for measuring and controlling a wide range of industrial machines for various sectors.
This is possible thanks to our strong service-oriented spirit and excellent technological know-how.
Each solution is realized according to customer requirements, guaranteeing high standards of quality and safety even in the most critical and intensive applications.
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Handling and lifting

In the industrial handling and lifting sector, it is fundamental for machinery to guarantee reliability and precise handling control, as well as machine and operator safety for activities at times carried out at significant heights. In order to respond to these requirements, TSM has developed a wide range of specific and reliable high-performance sensors for freight and personnel lifting machinery.

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Agricultural vehicles

Agricultural vehicles need to guarantee reliability and productivity all year round and in all environments. From preparing soil for sowing, to fertilising and to harvesting without damaging the crops. TSM sensors developed for agricultural vehicles respond to these demands, guaranteeing durability, reliability and precision in operations and for these machines, such as steering angle control and the monitoring of vehicle motion.

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sensors for agricultural machinery
Construction and earthmoving

Construction and earthmoving vehicles and machinery need to carry out operations requiring the transportation of materials and the modelling of land for construction purposes or for land management. In this field, TSM has developed specific sensors for exploiting the potential of the vehicles in question to the utmost, through position control and monitoring, thus helping the operator to repeat processes in a precise manner.

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construction earthmoving machine

Nautical vessels are fitted with hydraulic structures that have been studied for specific tasks to be carried out either in port or on the open sea. TSM sensors developed specifically for the nautical sector allow these machines to be precisely controlled, thus avoiding damage and problems with the vessel and guaranteeing the safety of the people on board.

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sensors for naval sector
Electrical slip ring manufacturers

Electrical slip rings play a simple role; they transmit power and electrical signals (digital and analogue data) from a fixed structure to a rotating element and vice-versa. The goal of TSM is to be a valid supplier of magnetic encoders suitable for installation in the most common electrical slip rings on the market. TSM offers shaft-mounted or separate magnetic rotor solutions that are suited to all types of installation. This allows electrical slip rings to monitor and manage power and/or data flows in a single combined solution, improving mechanical performance and simplifying the functioning of the entire system.

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Hydraulic cylinders manufacturers

Every sector and every machine requires a different type of hydraulic cylinder. TSM collaborates in this field with the most important hydraulic cylinder manufacturers to develop high-quality magnetostrictive transducers that guarantee the highest levels in terms of performance and safety for related sectors.

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