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Inclination sensors or inclinometers are used to monitor the angle of inclination with respect to the direction of gravity on one or more axes, vertical and horizontal.
TSM has a wide range of inclination sensors with different specifications to suit various uses.

What are inclination sensors?

Inclinometers are sensors used to precisely control movement and position relative to a horizontal and/or vertical axis even up to 360°.
Inclination sensors are used in many applications for constant and careful monitoring of the angle in relation to the axes.
This type of sensor is characterised by high precision in movement and can be one or two-dimensional, i.e. capable of monitoring the angle of movement with respect to one axis only or with respect to both X and Y axes simultaneously.

Enjoying a high accuracy in measuring the angle of inclination, these devices are suitable solutions for even the most delicate actions.
These devices are equipped with MEMS technology, making them powerful and high-performance tools.
In addition to high accuracy, the inclination sensors enjoy a high degree of protection that makes them resistant to shocks and vibrations.

TSM inclination sensors

TSM supplies a wide range of inclination sensors with the option of customised solutions.
The different inclinometer versions are designed to meet a variety of needs and adapt to different application sectors, from agriculture to handling and lifting.
The installation of inclination sensors ensures optimal machine operation.

These devices are available with different output options, analogue and CANopen.
TSM's inclination sensors are resistant to extreme environments and conditions, shock, vibration and a wide temperature range.
In addition, these inclinometers have a measurement accuracy of 0.3° suitable for highly precise movements.

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