Inclination Sensor

TLP300 Analog

MEMS technology tilt sensor

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tsm inclinometers tlp300

Areas of application

Agricultural vehicles
Construction and earthmoving
Handling and lifting


An inclinometer measures the angle to the direction of the gravity in one or more axes.

TLP300 is the new family of inclination sensors, based on the MEMS technology, capable of working in extreme conditions and hard environments, subjected to sharp movements, shocks and high vibrations.

The perfect synthesis of precision, stability, robustness and cost, which make it suitable for use on mobile devices and applications such as cranes, aerial platforms, operating and earthmoving machines.

The integration of accelerometers and gyroscopes with sensor fusion proprietary algorithms, ensures high performances over all the operating range.



High protection level
shock vibration resistant sensor
Shock/vibration resistant
sensor with reverse polarity protection
Reverse polarity protection
sensor with wide range temperature
Wide range temperature
Analog sensor
Analog output
sensor with mems sensors technology
MEMS sensors technology
sensor with horizontal version
Horizontal version
sensor with vertical version
Vertical version
high accuracy sensor
High accuracy
high repeatability sensor
High repeatability
RoHS compliant sensor
Directive 2011/65/EU
sensor with EU conformity
EU conformity
Datasheet DS0031 R01 TLP300 Analog
3D File 3DM0009 R00 TLP300-M12
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