The new TSM Sensors website

Published on December 23, 2022
TSM site

The TSM Sensors website has completely changed its look. With the new we wanted to create a real journey into the excellence and innovative spirit of TSM thanks to content, images, videos, cards and news that tell our story past, present and above all future.

In the foreground are the new products, the undisputed protagonists of our growth and essence. Together with the products you will find the main applications that have chosen TSM sensors in the various industrial sectors.

TSM, by its very nature, is a young, innovative and future-oriented company. This allows us to always grow and innovate, and we can do this above all thanks to the people who work and will work with us. This is why there is a section on the website dedicated to ‘work with us’, which is constantly updated and where you can apply directly by discovering the open positions.

It only remains for us to wish you ‘good navigation’!